Thursday, 23 August 2012

Emily's Pregnancy - FULL TERM NOW!!

Well, the time is nearly upon us...Emily's getting twinges every now and again and the notorious Braxton Hicks are well and truly in full swing keeping Emily and I at DEFCON 1 with the "Go Bags" all packed and ready, waiting by the front door and being taken everywhere we go.

We had a meeting in the studio a couple days ago so thought we'd grab some photos (39 weeks).

Justin Krause Photography - SPECIAL OFFERS

Justin Krause Photography - SPECIAL OFFERS

Check it out!

Monday, 20 August 2012


Here's your chance to win a FREE Sitting/Photoshoot in our Studio for your family or a group of friends (up to a family or group of 5).

Each person will ALSO receive a 9"x6" print of their favourite photograph.

DEADLINE: Midnight of Sunday the 2nd September 2012 ! 14 Days from NOW!

Simply follow these 3 easy steps!

Step 1
"LIKE" the page here (CLICK)

Step 2
Send us a message on the Facebook page or email us to with your favourite photo of you or you and your family or friends attached. It can be anywhere, one of ours, another studio's shoot or a family holiday photo, whatever you like!

Step 3
Get as many of your friends to "LIKE" the page AND "LIKE" your photo by sharing it and asking friends to like the page and your photo.

The WINNER will be the photo with the most LIKES with all those LIKES on our Facebook page also.


We can see who likes the Photography page and who likes your photos in our admin screen and will tally up the scores as the Competition runs.

The Winner will be announced on Monday 3rd September!

You have 2 weeks! Good luck!

[Competition page on our website]

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Perseid Meteors over Hawkridge Reservoir Somerset

I know we have this blog set up for our Wedding and Portrait Photography but with all the hype surrounding the Perseid Meteors this year Emily (even though she's full-term now and ready to pop any moment!) and I went out meteor hunting.  Living in the countryside has its blessings. 10 minutes after leaving our home we were out of Bridgwater leaving the bright lights behind us. With the sunroof open Emily started spotting meteors almost instantly!  We wanted to head to Wimbleball lake as knowing it's a National Dark Sky site we knew it would be perfect but being so close to the due-date meant we didn't fancy being in the middle of Exmoor at 1am giving birth! We opted to head towards Hawkridge Reservoir instead. The site wasn't as dark as I had hoped with a lot of light pollution spilling in from Bridgwater still but it's not a bad effort for my first Astrophotography session. Photographs taken with a Canon 5dm2, Canon L-Series 24-105mm f/4 IS and a Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM on a Manfrotto tripod.

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Monday, 6 August 2012

August update

We hope everyone is well on this damp, yet typically British, August summers day!

Although we have finished shooting weddings until our baby is born (NOT LONG NOW!!  Dun Dun Duuuuuun), we are still taking bookings for the studio!  EMAIL:  

Our studio is in Bridgwater, Somerset. For SatNavs enter TA6 3PF (Bridgwater Cinema, Penel Orlieu, Bridgwater, Somerset), park and follow the map opposite.

UPDATE: NEW Portrait Package OUT NOW! THREE 9"x6" Prints AND ALL PHOTOGRAPHS from your Portrait Shoot on CD in Colour & Black & White for ONLY £135.00 !

Bookings for next years Weddings are in full swing - from Woodlands Castle to Brunel's SS Great Britain, 2013 is already looking like it will be great fun!

If you like our work, please recommend us! Pretty much 100% of our business comes from previous clients, Brides, Grooms, Mums & Dads, friends and family!

For each couple who book their wedding through us because of your recommendation you have the choice of a framed Print or Canvas of your choice!

Spread the love!

As you might know, we keep banging on about how much we love shooting weddings! It makes them all the more worthwhile when we get emails like these:

"The photo's you and Emily took of our wedding are amazing! Thank you so much to both of you, they are beautiful! I didn't even realise photos could be that good! Every time I look at them I remember just how much I loved the day."  Debbie Jull

"The photos you and Emily took of Debbie and Jonny’s wedding are absolutely fantastic. You are both very talented." Jill Bartholomew 
(Mother of the Bride)

It gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside!

For our 2013-14 Wedding Photography Pricelist please email: