Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wedding PhotoBooth fun !!

Natalie & Chris' Wedding PhotoBooth - Northover Manor, Ilchester

There's more information on our PhotoBooth add-on here:

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Thursday, 16 May 2013

If you could do your wedding all over again…(21% of Brides said they'd spend MORE on their wedding photography)

So you've had your BIG DAY! 


Did it all go well? 

Every wedding has it's own unique moments and story and way it will be remembered; the brides beautiful dress, the moving speeches, the ushers forgetting the buttonholes, the bride getting dropped during her first dance, the Bestman having a flat tyre, the vicar getting the brides name wrong in the ceremony. Those all make your wedding special and personal to you. But would you change anything from your day?

I know we're based in the UK, but I think this is still applicable and relevant for future brides to see so bear with me.

Back in March 2013 New York Magazine published their yearly "New York Brides" feature which had over a 100 brides from around New York area being asked what they'd do differently if they could have their BIG DAY all over again. 

Out of everything you can have on your day we're honestly not surprised to see that PHOTOGRAPHY led the way.

21% said they would spend MORE on their wedding photography if they could do it all again.

We all know that all the other parts of the wedding puzzle are very important and add to your day to make it the magical day you've dreamt of, but in reality, when it's all said and done the flowers die, the food is eaten, the champers is drunk, your cake is demolished and your dress gets drycleaned and put back in its box (or sold). The only thing you have left are your photographs and maybe video.

We're with you all day, for 10 hours sometimes (mostly - it's the package we prefer as we really love to tell the story of your whole day). Taking photographs of your nearest and dearest all in the same place, having the day of your life, looking the best you ever have. How often in your life will this happen? Can you really afford NOT to book a professional photography team? Even if it's not us we urge you to book a professional wedding photography company. If that particular wedding photography team is out of your budget at the moment, get the calculator out (app on your phone, silly) and think, do we really need that chocolate fountain? (no offense to the chocolate fountain people, we're massive fans of your work!). Honestly though, you can probably make it up somewhere in the budget.

Emily and I understand. We've been there. We've been married for nearly 3 years and had to pay for our wedding ourselves. If you've seen our work and REALLY want to work with us chances are we really want to work with you also so drop us a line - come to our studio for an informal chat, have a coffee or tea and see more of our work. Or we can arrange a call over Facetime or Skype if distance is an issue so you can get to meet us. The most important part is knowing your photographers so you feel relaxed around the cameras and getting on with them so you can get the great photographs you deserve. We include a pre-wedding shoot and 12x8 print with our packages for this very reason.

Remember, your photographs will last forever (and we don't just upload them for a month to your private gallery, they're up there until...well...until the internet implodes).

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Awarded at the Wedding Expert Awards! Pretty stoked!!

Justin Krause Photography awarded:
Best Photographer - Bridgwater

Best Photographer - Somerset
Finalist: Top 100 Best Photographer
England - Ranking: 24 of 100
Worldwide - Ranking: 62 of 100

To be honest it's a shock! We only saw the awards and within 2 days the support from you all was outstanding so THANKYOU to everyone who voted for us!
The awards are an annual competition recognising some of the most popular wedding vendors at a local, national and international level.

We'd do what we do regardless of award status and always to our utmost quality and dedication but it means so much more to have the support from you all for something we love doing!

Thankyou again to everyone who voted and supports us in what we do.

Justin & Emily