Monday, 29 April 2013

Verity & Gary's engagement shoot!

Hi everyone! Very sorry for the total inactivity here on the blog but we've been so busy it's unreal. Given the choice to update the blog or do shoots/edit all the shoots I've obviously had to do the latter.

It seems the baby photography along with it, our sister company Little Bear Hand & Feet Castings has really come into it's own but more on that in a future post...maybe in a few days if you're lucky ..who knows !?

In the mean time here's some shots from Verity and Gary's engagement shoot or more accurately a 'pre-wedding' "get to know us and how we work and for us to see how they react to the camera and to see how comfortable they are being the centre of attention with a massive camera in their face" shoot!
verity and gary pre wedding engagement shoot Bridgwater somerset photography by justin and emily krause

Even with a little bit of rain we had a LOT of fun along with some interesting comments from some locals and Verity and Gary both passed with flying colours just being so relaxed and a good laugh.

We can't wait to shoot your wedding next month!

As always, if you have any friends getting married, don't hesitate to recommend us so they can get in touch to chat about their wedding photography! We shoot all over the UK and Internationally. email: