Thursday, 1 November 2012


I'm SO SO grateful to Canon that the 5dm2 and my L-Series glass has epic weather sealing. That being said I'm fairly certain Canon didn't design them for use submerged under a storm cloud that had flooded the surrounding area at the aptly named Anchor Inn, Hillfarance (near Taunton) for Hannah & Paul's wedding a couple weeks ago...the Bride & Groom came prepared though... they brought a boat seriously!


It had been hammering it down all night and by the morning it was clear. 'BRILLIANT!' I thought. I got the gear ready and jumped in the car for the trek down the M5 with the weather looking sunny.  I pulled off the motorway and the skies began to darken….Uh oh….I got about 2 miles from the wedding venue and the heavens opened.

But this couple and their families were so awesome and never once let the weather dampen their spirits! We had a couple of dry spells which we made use of for the boys photos and luckily by the time Hannah arrived the weather was having another dry session

The ceremony was beautiful. Only family and very close friends with lovely readings by the Bridesmaids with the venues wedding rooms elegantly decorated by the family.

As soon as Hannah & Paul's ceremony was over it was all sunny and a mostly clear sky which meant we could do the groups and other photos in brilliant sunshine!

Congratulations again to Hannah & Paul and I'm so happy you guys love the photographs

Thankyou to Paul & hannah for the lovely message:

 "They are amazing! Thankyou so much. Was a pleasure having you there. You are one hell of a photographer! The lead up to the ceremony pictures gave us the same feelings we had on our wedding day! Honestly, great job Justin!"

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