Monday, 26 November 2012

Hi (!!) to all the blog viewers from around the world!!

After seeing the blog view counter go up and up and up over the last few weeks I thought I'd have a quick look at where people are viewing from!

Hi to those in the UK - my main audience, thank you ! 

Hi also all those in the USA, Canada, Holland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bermuda, Germany, Dominican Republic, Ukraine and South Africa! 

Next post I'll be uploading some photos from all the Christmas portrait shoots we've been flatout with in the studio for the last couple of weeks!! 

In the mean time, here's a funny photo of a horse from the wedding of Denise & Bruce - an awesome Australian couple who came over to the UK for their wedding back in September (before I was blogging all the weddings we shoot).

Keep spreading the word and the love please

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  1. HI to the Spanish also! just saw you cheeky monkey's creep into the stats just a moment ago also ! :-)


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