Thursday, 1 November 2012

Apologies for the complete lack of posts...

Apologies for the complete lack of posts the last few weeks. We've been utterly flat-out with a couple weddings and LOTS of shoots in the studio in time for Christmas and of course just hangin out with our now 9week (!!!) old baby Matilda. 

Time is seriously flying by!

Myself and a mate, Mark, put up a new backdrop support roller system in the studio last week. 

Apart from looking so much more professional than the previous backdrop support its also means we can roll up the white backdrop and have the black drape in the main shoot area and ALSO have photoshoots up against our bespoke "RUBBADUBDUB" Graffiti artwork (bolted to the wall behind the black drape) painted by a well known southwest street artist. It's a fully awesome, unique piece of art that we commissioned as part of RUBBADUBDUB's 1st Birthday a couple years ago and we're pretty certain no other photography company in the area have a 2.5m sq custom graffiti backdrop in their studio, making us OFFICIALLY "the coolest studio around" haha (one of our customers words, not mine!). Above you can see me being "gangsta" haha !

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