Tuesday, 14 July 2015

New photos and SEO update!

Sorry for lack of updates here. There are more updates on the main blog and this one (if you've found it randomly or are subscribed to it - THANKYOU) is purely to capture a wider audience! 

I've been doing a lot of background Search Engine Optimisation work on the website and also been buying some new URLs (not active yet) to act as new gateways for better SEO and linking.  The new SEO work isn't due to us having a lack of wedding photography work (very much far from it...the last 2 months saw us capture 7 amazing and totally different weddings all around the UK with more starting this coming weekend, the following weekend and 5 in August!)  It was purely because we really have some lovely content that was pretty much wasted as the site wasn't getting hit as much as I'd like so...

All this work has definitely paid off because the site's gone from being on around page 8 of Google for our most specific keywords to page 1 which I'm over the moon with. Also 2 other wedding magazines have found our work and want us to send them examples of weddings we've captured for possible features.

We're also going to be changing hosts to an SSD VPS soon as the shared effort that 1&1 provide is terrible and they randomly drop the site for no reason (monitored by a plugin I have in the admin on the site.  Anyhow...here's some more wedding photographs from around the UK and destination weddings. 

As always, if you have any questions or you'd love for us to capture your wedding, wherever in the world it may be, please fire away on the emails or on the chat window on our website - JustinKrause.co.uk / PhotographerSomerset.com.