Thursday, 31 May 2012

Baby & Pregnancy Shoots

Seeing as we were already in the Studio for a New-Born shoot we thought we'd get a couple Photographs of my amazing wife, Emily (who was 27 weeks pregnant at the time) before the clients arrived. We had a few plays around with some lighting and basically took, which has since become, one of our favourite photographs to date...this might change when Baby Krause arrives in the world though...

There's no Photoshopping going on here; I fashioned a crude looking long snoot from some cardboard, took the brolley off the flash and jimmied it on with some zip-ties. It's now added to the arsenal of light reflectors, diffusers and other light modifiers in use in the studio for various shoots.

I actually took the photograph in Black & White straight on the camera.  We both seriously love B&W Photography, so much so that our entire Baby Portfolio is made up of Black & White Photographs.

Time to practice your "aaaww's and "aahh's"'s a couple of our "Watch Them Grow" Babies.

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