Tuesday, 17 July 2012


In true British fashion our summer has had a ton of rain and other weather associated bonuses!

KUDOS to all our Brides & Grooms this season who have had to endure some utterly atrocious weather, we've had it all; gale force winds, torrential rain and even some hail at one point.

If you do plan to have your wedding in the UK you need to take the British weather into account and be able to adapt your wedding plans incase of adverse weather. Book a Photographer whose camera equipment can still function without risk of failure and who has backup bodies and lenses should the worst happen. Also book a Photographer who isn't afraid of at least doing what you're happy to do i.e. get out amongst the puddles should it come down to it!

At the very least follow the advise of our very own KEEP CALM poster...

Possibly the worst weather this year was for Claire & John on 7th July. Ever seen a soaking wet 5d mk2? I was secretly praying to the Canon Gods that their weather proofed bodies and L-Series lenses are as protected as they say they are.  In true British fashion though this fantastic Bride & Groom did keep calm and made the most of it! After all, what can you do?  Who want's clear blue skies in their wedding photographs anyway? Especially when you can have some extra dramatic clouds as your backdrop!

Last month (June) Debbie & Jonny had an overly excited north-westerly wind with gusts up to 40-50mph with a splash of rain! Again, this amazing couple just dealt with it! Our standard issue white brolley's wouldn't have done us much good here but the stormy clouds did give us some epic photo opportunities!

Our last wedding (before we broke to prepare for the arrival of our first baby, due on 28th August!) was for Wini & Ajar last weekend. Again wind and rain was on the agenda for the morning but as we arrived at Binham Grange in Somerset the sun showed it's face for a short while! 

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