Monday, 1 October 2012

FREE PhotoShoot when in HALLOWEEN Fancy Dress !

This year is just FLYING by !! Since Matilda came along time seems to be vanishing right before our eyes, she's already a month old and it's mad, she's so amazing and I love having her fall asleep on my chest when I'm back from the office but anyway, I digress.

I KNEW it was September and KNEW Christmas was only around the corner, hence getting the Christmas Offers all sorted out, flyer designed and promoted everywhere but I completely forgot about ALL HALLOWS EVE !   Here in the UK Halloween is still nowhere near as massive as it is in the USA but it's getting bigger so why not jump on the marketing bandwagon? So I designed a new flyer, bold and concise and here it is!

Halloween Offer for kids ( or BIG kids ) who want to come in fancy dress with up to 5 friends (more can be accommodated but we need a bit more planning).  

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