Monday, 26 August 2013

Semi re-branding.

For the more eagle-eyed amongst you some of you might have noticed a slight change to the website and the logo.  As you're aware from reading the ABOUT US page weddings and some portraits are undertaken by myself and Emily, my wife. Despite the URL for the main site staying the same for the mean time and the Twitter and Facebook pages also not changing (because of the links that are spread around the web everywhere) we've come up with a new logo.

It retains the same font as the Justin Krause Photography so hopefully, subconsciously, the company name will be recognisable for our existing customers.

It shows that Emily is very much a part of the photography business, for weddings especially where we shoot it from 2 angles; for example prior to the wedding ceremony so our brides & grooms can see what the other was up to before they met at the Church or Venue. We've found this to work really well and it's great to see our brides & grooms faces as they relive their biggest day through our photography from various angles that they might not have seen.

Whilst you're here,  here's a teaser from a beautiful wedding we shot last Sunday at the Limpley Stoke Hotel near Bath.

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